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Change Management

You’re about to start or are in the midst of making some changes in your organisation. Your organisation may not have had a great experience of successfully landing changes in the past. You know that there is something that you’re missing, but you’re not sure what it is……

Change Management consultancy will support you to understand and better manage the people side of change within your organisation.
We work with you to hone the vision of your future state, new ways of working and define the outcomes that you need to achieve, and then use Prosci® best practices and methodology to partner with your team to define an approach that will accelerate your organisation through successful change.

Organisation Development and Management

Your organisation is growing, the demands of your customers are changing, and you know that you need to reorganise or make changes to best align your people to your business needs. You don’t feel that you have all the expertise you need to define the new organisation structure, new roles, new ways of working and then recruit or realign staff to the new model.

With many years of leadership and management experience, working in an ever-evolving corporate environments, we have the successes and the scars that make us an excellent sounding-board and advisor as you explore the options open to you. We can provide the people management and organisational expertise to partner with your teams to reshape your organisation to align with your current and future needs.

Strategic, Operational and People Aspects of IT Change

You have plans to implement, or have recently implemented a new IT solution, and don’t feel that you have the expertise you need to fully enable the new ways of working that you need to get real value from the solution. You are looking for someone to assist your people, to really understand the training needs and to help you to take your people on the journey of fully adopting the new solution.

We have particular expertise in productivity solutions (Office 365 and G-Suite) but can also offer consultancy across other platforms and solutions.
We can also put you in touch with consultancies who offer full IT design and implementation solutions, working with them to ensure your organisation gets exactly what it needs.

Training and People & Team Management

We offer consultancy in a number of HR-related areas:
– Helping individuals and teams to better understand themselves, communicate better with each other and perform more effectively
– Shaping career models to enable more effective internal development
– Induction process and on-boarding new staff – giving them a great experience of joining you


What We Do

Getting the team to come along on the journey is what differentiates good organisations from great ones.

We partner with you to better understand your people, set a shared vision and develop the change management strategies to mobilise your team. We will help you to get the best from your people, using alignment of people, technology and process .

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How We Do It

We take a pragmatic and organisation-centred approach to all that we do – seeking first to work alongside your people to really understand: the kind of organisation that you are; how your people relate to and are rewarded for the work they do; and their experience of previous change programmes.

We work alongside your programme / project team to hone the vision of your future state, new ways of working and define the outcomes that you need to achieve.

We partner with your project team(s) to implement a structured people plan with a focus on strong sponsorship, resistance management, excellent training and coaching and inspiring ways to reinforce the changes you desire.

We see our role as one of equipping and enabling – to partner with your team to develop their change management capability, with a view to ‘doing ourselves out of a job’. We believe we have been successful when you no longer need our consulting support in that area.

Ideally we would start to work with you at the first signs of change, but we can also step in to in-flight projects and programmes, adapting to your current state and resources.

Why Enthuse

Enthuse Consulting is committed to helping organisations to understand and manage the People Side of Change – releasing the potential in an organisation to drive successful change and improved outcomes.

Enthuse Consulting has a strong track record of finding solutions to challenges, using the alignment of people, technology and process – to help you get the best from your people.

Ingrid Jack

Founder of Enthuse Consulting

Ingrid is a Prosci Certified Change Management practitioner with 20+ years’ experience as a leader and manager working at Microsoft and within the IT Services industry. She has significant experience of successfully guiding teams and supporting organisations to respond to the changing needs of the marketplace and their customers.

Ingrid has experience of working with large and small organisations in a variety of sectors. She has a strong track record of finding solutions to challenges, using the alignment of technology, people and process – identifying, releasing and enabling the potential in an organisation to drive successful change and improved outcomes.

Ingrid has also worked with a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations over the past 10 years, She has a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between corporate, charity and faith-based organisations, and appropriate ways to manage and support change in each of these settings.


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Prosci’s best practices research is the largest body of knowledge on the subject of the people side of change, and supports the methodology, tools and techniques based on over 20 years of research that can be used to help organisations to change more successfully.

Jeff Hiatt, the founder of Prosci and formerly an engineer and program manager for Bell Labs, noticed something: two similar projects could both have excellent technical solutions and project management, yet one would successfully meet its objectives while the other would fail. Curious, Jeff started digging deeper and found the key to this success: the people side of change.

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Evaluation Store

Looking for materials that can help your people to understand themselves and each other better? Do you need tools and approaches that can help your teams to work more effectively together?

The Evaluation Store provides a range of personal and team personality and behavioural profiling tools, that can be used as part of facilitated sessions or as stand-alone activities.

The Evaluation Store provides a great low-cost and easy access resource that compares very well to some of the more established and expensive tools like Myers-Briggs, Insights and DiSC.

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